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  • Jocelyn

    As of this moment, it’s in stock at barnes & noble website,

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  • Katie

    Please support your local Catholic bookstores! If they don’t have it – most of them will order it at no extra charge. [Many other stores support causes ‘not in line’ with Christian/Catholic teaching. Let’s keep Catholic bookstores in business.]

    • Collins Benedict

      That’s what I did. Ordered the book from the little shop up the road. Wasn’t in stock at BN in my area, [Seattle, WA] no surprise there.

    • David

      Thanks, Katie, I was about to order a Amazon when I saw your suggestion. I am headed to our little bookstore even if I have to wait longer and make another trip for pickup

  • Boylan Jim

    I’d like to buy the online version, but the Kindle site tells me ‘not available at your location’ (I live in Ireland, but am currently in Spain). Why is this, and what should I do, please (I don’t want to buy the ‘dead tree’ version)?
    Jim B.

    • Brandon Vogt


      Check your email for some instructions. Thanks!

      Your brother,

  • Norm Cousineau

    The Kindle bookstore is telling me ‘not available in Canada’. Is is possible to get an eBook version in Canada?

    • Brandon Vogt

      I’m not quite sure why the eBook is not available in Canada. Have you tried the Nook version?

      • Norm Cousineau

        Hi..I can’t get it to Canada from Barnes and Noble either (Nook). I guess I’ll buy hard copy but shipping is almost as much as book ha ha.

  • John Walsh

    just finished reading C&NM. Individual articles were great.Called our Diocesan Voc. Dir to let him know that I thought it a must read for seminarians. He was appreciative for the call. For me the stories of the Texas A&M college Parish and the origin of 40 Days for Life were special.
    Will do my best to”Media-te” our Parish.
    John Walsh
    St Ann Parish

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  • Robert Hiini

    Hi Brandon, I really want the kindle edition. I know international law, copyright etc. may be beyond your control but it is sort of funny that a book about new media is not available in digital format in my region (Australia). Is there any way around this? Can I PayPal you or something? Really want to read the book without three weeks freight. God bless.

  • QuestionMan

    no version for iPad?

  • Kamil Papiez


    Will there be version for iPad and an audiobook version?


  • Alexey Volchkov

    I want to buy a book (Kindle version). But it is impossible to do it from Russie, becouse of Amazon settings! Please, tell me, how can I buy it otherwise?

    Alexey Volchkov

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  • Filipa

    I’m in Portugal and trying to buy the kindle version of your book but Amazon website says it is not possible. Is there another way to buy your ebook?

  • RhettDexter

    The Kindle bookstore is telling me ‘not available in Canada’. Is is possible to get an eBook version in Canada?

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