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  • Dorian Speed, blogger at Amazing Catechists
    • “This book would appeal to readers on all points of the technology-using spectrum, from seasoned bloggers looking for new resources to folks who just opened a Facebook account and aren’t sure what to do next. It should be required reading for parish priests who want to engage their parishioners beyond just weekend Mass and to take advantage of truly building up the Church. “
  • Tim Troutman, blogger at
    • “I was a bit suspicious of how valuable, as opposed to simply marketable, the book would actually be. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book is packed with useful insights and even some fuel for contemplation.”
  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker, blogger at Standing on My Head
    • “Brandon has put together a terrific book for every Catholic who has any inkling at all that they want to communicate the gospel.”
  • Nancy Piccione, writer at The Catholic Post
    • “This book would be an indispensible resource for so many, from pastors seeking ways to create or update a parish’s online presence, to ministry leaders and others who don’t know why they should connect with their members or students this way.”
  • Joseph Heschmeyer, blogger at Shameless Popery
    • “By the end, my major frustration was that the book wasn’t long enough — that it was just starting a conversation, just breaking the ice on a surprisingly important discussion about the role of Internet communication in the Church and in our lives.”
  • Maria Morera Johnson, blogger at
    • “It is filled with personal stories of successes and challenges that we all face when we first step into this “digital continent.” The book also inspires me to do more.”
  • Angelica Quinonez, blogger at Through a Glass Onion
    • “That’s precisely why Brandon Vogt’s book is a blessing for those of us working in new media, Catholic organizations looking to launch new media campaigns, and to the entire Church. Why? Because Vogt’s book is, in many ways, a primer on new media and the Church and a compilation of a who’s-who of Catholic new media pioneers that are using the technology well and paving the way for the rest of us.”
  • Kathy Schiffer, blogger at
    • “The book is a compendium of advice and information from many of the most popular media voices in the current age.”
  • Frank Weathers, blogger at Why I Am Catholic
    • “Before going any further I’m going to say that this book belongs in every parish as a reference book. Period! If your parish office doesn’t have this book sitting right next to the computer, they are (as aviators would say) flying upside down without instruments and don’t even know it.”
  • Pat Gohn, blogger at
    • “True to dialogical nature of new media, this book asks penetrating questions, and gives some honest analysis as to new media’s future, and, specifically, the Catholic Church’s stake in it.”
  • Seth DeMoor, blogger at One Billion Stories
    • “Do I jump too far in stating that The Church and New Media by Brandon Vogt, shares many similarities with the Bible? How you ask?”
  • Dan Sealana, blogger at It’s All Skubala!
    • “Brandon Vogt’s The Church and New Media is a call to arms for Catholics who feel inspired to live in that healthy tension in order to advance the exciting, crucial, and life-changing message of Jesus Christ and His Church.”
  • JonMarc Grodi, blogger at Restatement of the Obvious
    • “Vogt’s book is a solid, optimistic, but nevertheless balanced look at the ways the Church is involved in New Media, could be involved in the New Media, and should be involved in the New Media.”
  • Ellyn von Huben, blogger at Word on Fire
    • The Church and New Media is good news for those who want to share the Good News. Get it. Read it. (yes, you can get it on your Kindle) Check out its accompanying website. And please pass the word along to those who think the new media is a scary concept and useful for little more than Facebook stalkers, Nigerian scammers and “Keyboard Cats.””
  • Ryan Moore, blogger at These Times
    • “I was so excited for The Church and New Media to come out! If you’re interested in the interaction of Christianity and new forms of media and how to use new media such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter effectively you MUST read this book! This is a very timely book as Christians everywhere struggle to figure out to interact with and be impactful using new media.”
  • Sr. Susan Wolf, SND, blogger at Catholic Web Solutions
    • “The twelve contributors are all pioneers in the use of social media for sharing our Catholic faith. They share what they have learned and how they want to move forward in using new media for good.  Their contributions are easy-to-read and rich with practical examples that others can imitate.”
  • Sarah Reinhard, blogger at
    • “There are some books that come my way and other books that I hunt down when I hear about them.”
  • Hallie Lord, blogger at “Betty Beguiles”
    • “The immensely talented Brandon Vogt–with the help of an amazing group of contributors–has created a book that I firmly believe every Christian individual who finds themselves participating in online communication should own.”
  • Angela Santana, blogger at “The Medium is the Message”
    • “What you may not have yet read are straightforward reasons why you should reach into your wallet or thin ministry budget and purchase this book…Allow me to assist.”
  • Devin Rose, blogger and author of If Protestantism Is True
    • The Church and the New Media is a book that is both timely and just plain fun. It doesn’t have pretensions, just wants to communicate how Catholics like you and me are using the new media to evangelize. It’s not a cookbook or how-to manual; rather, it’s purpose is to inspire and encourage, and it does that fantastically.”
  • Brent Stubbs, blogger at “The Journey: Almost Not Catholic”
    • “If you want to get good at something, learn from people who are good at it, and that’s exactly what this book offers– New Media aficionados showing you the way, the truth, and the terabyte.”
  • George Sipe, blogger at “Convert Journal”
    • “The bottom line: this is a unique, insightful book written by people with a ton of street cred, folks who each have had significant success in new media. We are each called to be disciples and the online world has huge potential for saving souls. The Church and New Media tells us how.”
  • Leila Miller, blogger at “Little Catholic Bubble”
    • “So, dear bloggers, when your family or friends gently tease you for the time you dedicate to your blog (what, that only happens to me?), please remember (and remind them!) that your efforts are fully supported and encouraged by Mother Church!”
  • Deacon Greg Kandra, blogger at “The Deacon’s Bench” at
    • “To look at how the church does — and more often, does not — communicate in the 21st century, Vogt has assembled nothing less than an all-star cast of writers, bishops, bloggers and assorted chin-scratchers.”
  • Jeff Miller, blogger known as The Curt Jester
    • “The book has been positively endorsed by a who’s who of Catholics in America like Archbishop Dolan, Cardinal O’Malley, Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop Chaput, Mike Aqulina, Amy Welborn, and on and on. Well let me add my own name to that list of positive endorsements.”
  • Carson Weber, Associate Director for New Media Evangelization in the Diocese of Sacramento in California
    • “To serve as a catalyst for this Catholic new media revival, Brandon Vogt has compiled and edited a fascinating and encouraging book….The lineup of authors is a veritable “Who’s Who” of the Catholic new media universe. “
  • Kerry Weber, writer for Publishers Weekly
    • “Pope Benedict XVI sent his first tweet last month, again confirming what many religion publishers have already discovered: churches are paying attention to social media.”
  • Jonathan Sullivan, writer at Catholic Tech Talk
    • The Church and New Media will inspire a whole new wave of Catholic innovation, experimentation, and expansion in the digital continent.”
  • Dr. James Coyle, Communications Professor at Franciscan University of Steubenville
    • “(A)n excellent blend of Church teaching and Papal documents about Communications with stories by people who are applying these principles in real-life”



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